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~I wanna fly high~

~So I can reach the highest of all the heavens~

~Flyboy, Jai, Tails... whatever!~
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Flyboy AKA Jai;
Sonic Fan;
Sontails Supporter;
Biplane Lover;
Bottlecap Collector;
Starlight Express Fanatic;
Cat Owner;
Linkin Park Fan;
Rootin' for Obama '12!

Hey Sonic, tell player two to stop jumping in spikes
That ---- hurts even with these infinite lives
I'm the man with the rings and I'm MILES ahead of you
On a mission to turn you into robot stew
It's Tails in the sky giving lifts to my bro
Any time, any place, if you slow down though, ----
If you miss it I'll get it, you got a problem I'm on it
We'll leave Robotnik and Metal Sonic running in smoke

Don't forget to hit the save state back at the post
We'll need the emeralds when we get to the end (I know!)
Or Robotnik's gonna mock us when we conquer the game
Don't hit me I'm just being a friend (You ----)
We're gonna make it to the thing, we're gonna speed right through
Show these ------- how we do what we do
What the ----, where'd you go, I'm talking to myself
What the hell happened to you?

I'm that two-tailed fox with them fly-ass moves you'll go NO NO NO
Don't act like you don't know these moves are dope you'll go NO NO NO NO
Packing these rings ----- it ain't no thing you'll go NO NO NO
Tails is the name, Sonic's right-hand G you'll go NO NO NO NO NO!
(Shut the ---- up)

Lyrics - Duane & BrandO - Sonic (From the SEGA tribute album 'Loser')

Protect the Human - Amnesty International


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I affiliate with the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster ^_^

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